Saturday, 19 May 2007

Only child

A victim of


M said...

This could be the New Labour poster;-) freaky!!

nonstickplans said...

Hi m (who could you be?).
Nice to know you're still looking at this rubbish, and thanks for commenting.
Interesting that you see politics in some of these drawings. I've never done a political cartoon in my life!
But then, I didn't know I was melancholy till yesterday. (Who could I be?).

M said...

hmmm, who could I be;-)

how come you don't see politics in your drawings? a lot of satire including yours is about human folly. Particularly "blind leading the blind" made me laugh loud. Spot on...Admittedly you also turn same gaze onto yourself - may explain some of the "melancholy" comments. I would have called self flagellation;-) beat me on that Mr nonstickplans (incidentally i keep calling your site "nonsuchplans" - i wonder why!!)

sorry i digressed!

Jaime said...

Freud would have a field trip with this one!