Saturday, 7 July 2007

Diving in at the deep end

'Non-Stick Plans'
is three months
deep today.

How did that

Thanks to
everyone who's
still watching,
and to those
who've linked


Lee said...

The pleasure is all ours! Congratulations on keeping to the plan for three months!!!

(And today's image is very appropriate!)

nonstickplans said...

Thanks, Nicole.

ana cristina leonardo said...


MVillos said...


I really like the simplicity of your work. I'm tryin to make my work a touch simpler, but am struggling just a touch right now...

nonstickplans said...

Thanks Ana and Michael. The simplicity comes from the restraints of time and size. I'm actually notorious for over-complicating things and obsessing about details. That's why a drawing a day is such a good discipline.

ps. There's a great Chinese saying I read somewhere that goes: "i tao pi pu tao", which was translated as: "Idea present, brush may be spared performance".