Saturday, 1 December 2007

Snow fever

New plan:
This may sound perverse
but, as it's December, I
thought I'd do a kind of
Advent calendar and have
'Christmasy'-type drawings
for the next 25 days. It
will probably make me
sick after a while, and you
too, but why not? - 'tis the
season to be measly.
You've been warned...


Lee said...

Wow MR! As if you didn't have enough of a challenge! Good for you!

(Personally, I'm already sick of the commercialized Christmas aspects -- perhaps because they started here before Hallowe'en!)

Looking forward to the next 24!

nonstickplans said...

Thanks, Nicole. I'm also sick of 'Mer(cena)ry Christmas' - in fact it's my least favourite time of the year and I wish I could hibernate through it all (hence the use of the word 'perverse').

Such feelings may well make themselves known over the next few weeks - if I survive.

paultalbotart said...

think yourself lucky, we celebrate both christmas and channukar - my son loves this time - gets the best of both, christmas day and 8 days of presents. Costs us a small fortune, although this year we have told him there is a max of 95p per present!!!!
I hope you are going to feature a robin, pair of antlers a famous star?
good luck

nonstickplans said...

95p!? Good luck to you too.

Robin coming up tomorrow (Tuesday). When the going gets tough, the tough go for the usual clichés...

MVillos said...

"When the going gets tough, the tough go for the usual clichés...

I agree 100%. Cliches kept me up last night. There ya go, I'm going to try to illustrate that.