Friday, 22 August 2008

A frogful

There's a good title
for this somewhere
out there in the
dark, but my torch
batteries need


Anonymous said...

how about a croakful of water?

Susanna said...

So if he dies, does he croak or kick the bucket?

nonstickplans said...

Thanks for the comments - glad to see there are a few working torches out there.

The idea was about inside/outside. I thought of 'The inner pond' or 'Cool, calm and collected', either of which would probably have been better. It would have also been better if the background was all green so the water stood out more, but it's too late now - I've been and gone and done it.

Anonymous said...

toadally bucketed.
toadal waters.
playing leakfrog.
bucket riddipulous.
l'eau on frogs.
low tide l'eau toad.
high toad mark.
ebb toad.
eau de toad.
l'eau down toad.
miss piggy's spitoon.

nonstickplans said...

I've been visited by the title fairy!

dave follett said...

I'm full of it... no, wait- that should read, I'm full of them.

oo- how about: 'replete... replete...'


nonstickplans said...

Mucho bliged, Dave, and other contributors. I'm grateful for your efforts on my be'arf, and I won't froget it.