Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Birds of a tether

Stork's inbirdanity to Stork.

My pleurisy has resurfaced for the third time, so after this I'm hoping it will drown (or I will). I'm supposed to be going for an x-ray but my local hospital is in the grip of a vomiting bug epidemic and has virtually shut down. Much as I enjoy vomiting it doesn't really mix with chest pains.

I'm sorry this blog is turning into a medical bulletin. I used to scoff at my elderly relatives who seemed to get together just so they could discuss their ailments. Now I can join in, and eat all the biscuits.


Lee said...

Mmmmm.... biscuits.

Hope you're better soon.

nonstickplans said...

Thanks, Nicole.

I hope I'm better soon too, so we've got something in common (apart from the biscuit thing).

dave said...

peg headed.
peggers can't be choosers.