Tuesday, 28 September 2010

An inhibition of drawings

Some people may have noticed a slight hiatus in activity on this blog. I know I have. This has been caused, in part, by me having to get my act together for a small local exhibition (or inhibition). It takes place over the next couple of weekends as part of the Woodford Festival Arts Trail. See picture for details.
Like all small local exhibitions it has involved large amounts of time, effort and money. From an initial selection of 25 drawings I’ve whittled it down to 60, all of which have appeared on Nonstick at some time or other. I suspect quite a few will have to be culled when it comes to hanging day, but how does one decide? I’ve never decided to find out.
Do come along if you’re visiting this planet on those days. There are plenty of clouds to park on, and Woodford is not known for its passport controls.
When the above occurrence has played out, like occurrences do, the slight hiatus may cease and frenetic activity on this blog will resume.

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mboran said...

i will be there. looking forward to it.