Thursday, 13 March 2014


This is a redraw of a sequence that was part of a book project I was working on for some years but, as usual, failed to finish. It was to be called 'Midas – a Touch Too Much'. Here we’re present at the moment when King Midas first tries out his golden touch. It would have led on to an extended ‘dance’ through the countryside of Phrygia as he touches everything he passes and turns it all into gold, culminating in his return to his palace carrying a huge pile of golden objects. The idea was for it to be printed in black & white and gold. Perhaps I should revive it now we’re living in the age of the superrich.


Michael Villegas said...

I'd buy it!

nonstickplans said...

Thanks Mike. I'll finish it just for you - an edition of one printed with squid ink and gold leaf. You may have to sell the yacht.

Michael Villegas said...

Ha! I'll sell the yacht in the Hamptons we never use