Monday, 7 April 2008

Non-stick planniversary

One year old today!
Almost a toddler.
Thanks to everyone
who's supported this
deranged plan with
comments (in spite of
getting gibberish in
reply), emails (ditto)
and linking here.

"One never goes so far as
when one doesn't know
where one is going."
- Goethe


Lee said...

Will you germinate faster if we use a heat lamp on you?

nonstickplans said...

No, I'm afraid not. Your Dalek heat ray will exgerminate me. Only some time underground and the occasional liquid refreshment will bring me back to life. It shouldn't take long - it is Spring after all (though it snowed here yesterday).

Sue said...

You will be missed!! A little spot of sunshine each morning! Thanks for the memories ;-)

Anonymous said...

Tnx : )

nonstickplans said...

Ooer crikey. I'm not dead and I'm not going away - and I'm not super. I'm just having a break and will post drawings maybe twice or thrice a week, starting fairly soon as I'm already getting withdrawal symptoms.

I'm slowly getting together a book of these drawings that you'll be able to get from (hopefully), but I can't decide whether to put them all in (including the cringe-worthy ones), which would be very expensive, or do four volumes of three months each, or just do a selection of sixty or so. Any ideas?

Michael said...

Is the cost of printing four smaller volumes much different than a full volume?

Either way, I'll buy them!

nonstickplans said...

Hi Mike. The four volumes would probably end up more expensive altogether, but I'd spread them out so you'd be under the illusion it was cheaper(!). I should have done them as I was going along, but I was too busy doing the drawings.

A full volume is probably about 120 decibels. The smaller volumes would be less harmful to your ears.

Michael said...

That's fine. I'm deaf from listening to myself...

Ana Cristina Leonardo said...

até logo, então

nonstickplans said...


Sugar Mouse In The Rain said...

Congrats for sticking to your plan for a whole year!

nonstickplans said...

Thanks, Sugar mouse. I didn't stick to it, it stuck to me (for one day short of a year - pay attention at the back please) in spite of my efforts to shake it off. Nice to hear from you - I think you left the first comment on this blog.

Janne said...

Congrats for the 1 year old!

Obviously a labor of love since you miraculously keep on delivering witty stuff day after day :)!

I had a long break in checking your posts and I had to really quit working for a while so that I could catch up with the pace again. Keep it going!