Sunday, 6 April 2008


Title of Blog: Non-Stick Plans
Stated Plan: A drawing a day for a year.
Start date: 7th April 2007
End date 6th April 2008

This blog has been temporarily suspended
under the British Blog-Standard Act 1824.
Article 37, Paragraph 6 clearly states that
‘the content of a blog must be consistent
with it’s title’. This rule is in danger of
being violated.

A reduced service will resume tomorrow.
We apologise for any inconvenience.

Sir Mortimer Jobsworth
Ministry of Digital Elevation


Ulrich Tekniepe said...

Great. It's just Non-Stick Plans.
Thank you for 365 days of great entertainment.

Julie Oakley said...

This has been a wonderful year. It's given me enormous pleasure every day. I'm so glad that you're continuing

Lee said...

Congratulations on achieving your ambitious goal!

Looking forward to any other treats you have to send our way!

vodka said...


joe said...

oh, come on, break the rule, haha. congrats on making it a year.

Anonymous said...

A belated congrats from me too. It has indeed been a wonderful year's free entertainment - thanks!

I will look forward to whatever may (or may not?) follow.


nonstickplans said...

Thanks for your comments, everybody. I'll post a drawing tomorrow (Non-Stick's anniversary) then have a rest and a think about where to take it next (I don't have a plan yet!).

Tanya said...

it's already been a year? time flies when you're having fun, and i really did have fun watching this blog. thank you for doing this. i wonder what happens next..

nonstickplans said...

Tanks, Thanya. I don't know where the time has gone - it must be piling up somewhere on a landfill, causing damage to the environment. It's been mostly fun to do, though somewhat detrimental to my professional and social life.

ps. Thanks for the link, Ulrich. I don't read german so I hope you said something nice...

Ben said...

Congrats, a job well drawn.

nonstickplans said...

Perhaps occasionally not so well drawn - but thanks for the comment Ben.