Monday, 5 October 2009


Nonstick is coming unstuck (but not like Billy Pilgrim).
Discerning viewers, if there are any left, may have noticed a gradual decline in the quality of posts on this blog; an absence of snappy ideas and well-honed puns - to wit: no wit. There are many reasons for this (I can think of three already) which I won't go into. It seems sensible, therefore, to take a break before things get any worse (pages from my sketchbook may have been next), and think about a new plan. For a while I'll just post the occasional drawing and see where it goes from there.
Thank you for visiting Toys'r'ubbish.


Julie Oakley said...

When are you going to make a book of all these wonderful puns? There are all those people that never visit blogs who would love a printed version.

I just looked at your first post where you said you were going to "sacrifice quality for quantity". I don't think you've sacrificed quality at all. Surely there's a limit to the number of well-honed puns that one person can come up with.

nonstickplans said...

Thanks for the comment, Julie.

Unfortunately I'm one of those annoyingly useless people who's happy while engaged in his small cartoony world but doesn't get on very well with the real world of self-promotion, dealing with clients and making money, ie. being a professional.

I've been working on a 'best-of' book since I finished my drawing-a-day year (almost exactly eighteen months ago!), which I was going to publish on Lulu, but I was told that the design looked too much like the blogger template and I ought to change it. So having dealt with the indecision of what the best drawings are, now I have to decide how to redesign the damn thing. I have an MA in graphic design but these days I'm designorant. However, in an optimistic frame of mind, I'm hoping to get it out by December in order to cash in on the toilet-book Christmas bonanza, the cartoonist's spiritual goal.

As for puns, due to 'the Englage languish' the number available is inexhaustible - however I'm very exhaustible, hence the break.

Julie Oakley said...

Naa too late - you need to aim for next Christmas. Lots of horribly organised people will have already bought their presents.

More work than Lulu, but they distribute for you through and is

I think we may have overlapped when doing our MAs (my name was Julie Hodson then), but I made a complete hash of it so don't actually have the bloody thing. I have nonetheless managed to earn a crust as a graphic designer despite being MA-less.

And I agree self-promotion and making money is just soo boring. But your little book would be a great give-away. You could do a version with a cover change and a couple of page changes that you could give to art directors. In fact you could personalise them with their names on maybe…

nonstickplans said...

Doh! Late again. Curse these lead boots!

Thanks for the advice, Julie. MAs are useless anyway. They just show that you had to spend more time at school than normal human beings. Think how stupid people are who've got a PhD - they must feel so embarrassed.

dave Follett said...

Thought of taking it to a big name publisher?
This stuff's practically ready and done so it shouldn't be too much of a hassle for them. The act of door knocking would be the hardest part for you I'd imagine.
You could always have spaces next to the rebuses for those inclined to have a crack at them too?

nonstickplans said...

Thanks for the advice, Dave. You may be right. I just felt that getting a proper publisher would be so 20th century.

dave Follett said...

Nah. Do it.
you could always sweeten the pitch by doing a rebus for the publisher- penguin, puffin... aaaand that's about the limit of my publisher recall this early in the morning. Even a desktop calendar with one a day? cards? what about the publisher you did Malpas with? If they decline then they could surely recommend another publisher who would consider it?