Sunday, 4 October 2009

Star wars

This is the third in my series of drawings from my 'Nonstick Possibles' folder that have stayed there, unblogged, for a year or two in the hope of being rethought and redrawn. I liked the idea of this one but felt the drawing wasn't right for it.
Sometimes an idea is not quite enough on its own and needs something added to it to give it a more interesting dynamic. You can usually do that with a title, but often it has to do with the drawing itself.
This one implies the star has been shot out of the sky (hence 'star wars'), but the 'extra' would have been about the context, ie. a beach, where starfish hang out. I may still redraw it and see if I can get something more engaging out of it.

1 comment:

dave Follett said...

fallen star.
when you wish upon a star...
heaven on earth.
a drop in ratings.