Sunday, 14 November 2010

Food for thought

You Are What You Eat Shirt shirt
You Are What You Eat Shirt by nonstickplans
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This is a t-shirt with a drawing from September 2007, adapted into a circle for Mindfields College as a logo for a seminar or workshop on diet. Alas Mindfields has ceased trading and has morphed into the smaller scale Human Givens College, where humorous logos are spat upon and clean pastel colours and Swiss-style graphics are employed instead. With so many logos going spare I thought it was time for some recycling (with permission) and a few of them (the more interesting ones) have been Zazzled.
The .com link for this t-shirt is here, by the way, though I'm not expecting anyone to buy it. Judging by my past efforts to make money, this Zazzle lark is almost inevitably doomed to failure. It's already been plagued by technical problems. I've been reading an interesting series of blog posts by Robert Twigger about how to make money. I must study them more thoroughly - it could change my life. He's an interesting writer, by the way, and I recommend his blog, and his books.
Another by-the-way is that I've started a Wordpress blog where I'll be posting drawings from the Non-Stick Plans archive which I'm using on my Zazzle products. I realise I'm occasionally doing that here too, but over on Wordpress I'm posting them big enough to see. Surely a good reason to visit. Ok, suit yourself.


Ellis Nadler said...

I need money too if that's any consolation

nonstickplans said...

It is some consolation, Ellis. Perhaps we should form a gang and rob some banks. Got any dead presidents' stockings? Can't afford a mask.

nonstickplans said...

ps. sorry to hear that you were ill and are now iller. I guess robbing banks is out.