Saturday, 6 November 2010


The words are, 'Happy Hibernation! or if you're staying awake Happy Christmas!' in case it's too small to read.
‘The Sleep of Reason Produces Funny Animals,’ as Goya almost said, and here’s one, asleep. This is my Christmas card, rather early I believe. Mainly because you won’t have the opportunity to buy it from Zazzle here (uk site), if I post it any later.
Zazzle has given me a big headache due to technical problems - nothing was showing up after I’d designed it, uploaded it, titled it, described it, categorised it, tagged it and posted it for sale. A quiet word or three with the Help! department got their technicians on the case and it now seems to be working ok. I’ve got about 140 ‘products’ so far, including this card and other funny animals. I’ll continue to add stuff if my stamina holds out. It’s hard work you know.
Perhaps only other people with Zazzle shops know.

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