Thursday, 26 February 2009

Off the wall: R Crumb

For a change here’s a drawing by Robert Crumb that I cut out of a magazine called 'City Limits' while at college and have had on the wall, close to where I work, ever since. It’s the final panel from a strip, the rest of which I’ve never found. It still makes me laugh whenever I catch sight of it.
Crumb is a mixture of brilliance and bad taste. His best work, for me, is the mid to late '60s stuff, like 'Fritz the Cat', done in a looser, more linear style, and 'Mr Natural'.
You can find out most about him (not necessarily the facts) by watching the 1987 Arena documentary ‘The Confessions of Robert Crumb’ which he wrote himself, and is more satisfying than Zwigoff's ‘Crumb’ in my opinion. It’s only an hour – go and watch it.

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