Monday, 16 February 2009

OTS: Scouting for Boys 7


“…Some of you may have heard the story of the two frogs. If you have not, here it is:
Two frogs were out for a walk one day, and they came to a big bowl of cream. In looking into it they both fell in.
One said: “This is a new kind of water to me. How can a fellow swim in stuff like this? It is no use trying.” So he sank to the bottom and drowned through having no pluck.
But the other was a more manly frog, and he struggled to swim, using his arms and legs as hard as he could to keep himself afloat; and whenever he felt he was sinking he struggled harder than ever, and never gave up hope.
At last, just as he was getting so tired that he thought he must give it up, a curious thing happened. By his hard work with his arms and legs he had churned up the cream so much that he suddenly found himself standing all safe on a pat of butter!
So when things look bad, just smile and sing to yourself, as the thrush sings: “Stick to it, stick to it, stick to it,” and you will come through all right…”

This is the last of these - I hope you’ve enjoyed them and learnt their lessons. I know I have.
Something else tomorrow.

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