Sunday, 2 August 2009

From the files: Ronald Searle

I was planning to post a drawing today but I had an attack of the Saturdays, which left me unable to do anything except drink tea and coffee and read newspapers.
Instead here are a couple of obscure small-ads with drawings by Ronald Searle. These are taken from the June and January issues of 'Stitchcraft' magazine, from 1955. It must have been quite an interesting brief, to come up with ideas illustrating 'a clear case for Cash's woven name tapes.' These two ideas are fairly straightforward but they're nice drawings, and I particularly like that logo. The company is still trading, with a very similar logo, today.


Matt J said...

Excellent find! I've added this post to my Rnald Searle 'tribute' blog. Hope you don't mind?

nonstickplans said...

Thanks Matt. You're welcome. Your Searle blog is very interesting and useful.