Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Off the shelf: Sempé 2

This excellent drawing is from the end-papers of 'Simple Question d'Équilibre.' These three ladies, pedaling madly to try and get home ahead of an approaching storm, are typical of Sempé's view of humanity.
My writing finger isn't working today so here's a quote from an interesting 2006 interview in the Independent which says the necessary:
"Now that you mention it, though, I've always been astonished that we humans assume somehow that we are big. If you look at a person beside a tree or a building or a town, we are just tiny, little scraps of things. I never consciously set out to draw that way. But I suppose I do often make my people small. That's just the way that the drawings come to me; that's what works for me."
Please click on the image to see it larger - it's worth it.

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