Saturday, 1 August 2009

Sweet nothings: UK

These sugar wrappers have turned out to be more boring than even I anticipated, so this will be the last post about them - ever.
This is a scan of a selection of wrappers from around the UK, all once containing sugar produced by Tate & Lyle. You'll be interested to know that I have over 150 wrappers by T&L - I can't be more accurate than that because I can't be bothered to count them. They've been so tightly packed together that some of the colours have run. Such is life.
It's (almost) interesting to see how some places have chosen to represent themselves on their sugar. Northamptonshire is the 'County of Spires and Squires,' Suffolk is 'Constable Country,' and Cornwall is the 'Land of Legend - where the sun comes early and stays late' (1541 hours of sunshine a year according to Wikipedia). Lincolnshire, on the other hand, has chosen 'The Lincolnshire Poacher' which seems a rather strange choice, but it's actually a famous song.
I would have tried to think of something funny to say about these sugar wrappers, but my sense of humour is taking a long holiday at the moment. Wherever it's gone on its travels I'm just hoping that it doesn't decide to bring home any more of these bloody things.

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