Sunday, 16 August 2009

Stairing into space

Here's a bit of tat from college which I didn't post earlier when I was posting lots of tat from college (I don't remember posting it earlier anyway).
One of the good things about art college is that occasionally they actually teach you something interesting. One such thing was how to do perspective, with real measuring and everything. Luckily I've forgotten it all now.
This piece of scrap was a drawing I did at college, on paper, with real measuring and everything. Unable to take the third dimension any more seriously than the other two I ended up adding another one, thus making it a stairway to nowhere. Why I did the checkerboard thing I can't remember. It must have seemed logical at the time - it doesn't work very well. As usual this kind of thing is pretty common now as it's so easy to do with even basic 3D modelling software - but I wasted hours on it.
I spent a long time at college, you know.

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