Friday, 16 April 2010

Bird-spreads 7

Here are two parrots from the book ‘Anomalous Instances of Ornithological Hybridism’, a scholarly work of avian punditry by the distinguished academic Professor Gert Lummox.
Fig.1 is ‘Excalibird’ and represents the visual correlation between sword and tail, the title referring to Excalibur, the sword of Arthur, and thus to the correlation between the Sword in the Stone and the probable origin of the word Parrot - Perrot, diminutive of the name Pierre in early C16th Dialect French, or Peter in English, from the Greek petros - stone.
Fig.2 is called ‘Plaititudes’, pointing up a relationship between the Macaw’s plaited wings and tail and the word Platitude, an overused moral statement, thus correlating with the parrot’s tendency to repeat phrases at random, with no understanding of their meaning.
NB. This information is implicit in the book and is spelled out here merely for those unused to the depth of intellectual sophistication in academic discourse. The book may be enjoyed as entertainment without knowledge of the foregoing facts.

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