Friday, 9 April 2010

Plan C: Sell out...

Happy Birthday-before-yesterday to Non-Stick Plans! It's now 3 years (and 2 days) old. It will be going to school soon - don't they grow up fast?
Anyway, to mark the occasion-before-yesterday, in my usual on-the-ball style, I'm doing what people asked me to do 2 years (and 2 days) ago, which is to put some of the now 500+ drawings on this blog into book form.
My first, experimental, effort in this direction could loosely be described as a book - it's more of a glorified pamphlet - and it's up on Lulu now. It's called 'Where the Birdies is' and is a sort of ornithillogical anthology of 60 birdie-themed drawings (plus the one above on the cover and a little one on the half-title page) from this very blog.
Being Lulu and print-on-demand it's neither perfectly printed (partly due to my habit of using gradients for backgrounds) nor cheap. Am I doing a good job of selling it to you? It's paperback, 7.5" (19cm) square, 64 pages, in full colour (apart from the black and white bits). It even has a contents page, like a proper book. It's only available on Lulu for now.
I'd appreciate it if someone would buy a copy. You can get it here, here, or here. (It doesn't really matter which one you click on as they all go to the same link). Think of it as a charity donation.
It would be nice to have some feedback too (even it's to complain about being ripped off) so I can improve on it with the next one, if there is a next one. Of course, if no-one buys it I shall go back to the monastery.

(Plans A, and B).


Lee said...

Happy belated bloggy birthday!

And congratulations on your book! I've promoted it at my place.

nonstickplans said...

Many thanks, Nicole - twice (if you can have twice many). That's very kind of you, and saved me a fortune in global advertising.
I'll probably post a few spreads from it so people can see just how book-like it is, and how drawing-like it's contents are.