Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Max: Box 1

Well, my attempt to sell out having been somewhat underwhelming, it seems time to resume old habits. One of the things that has attracted people to this blog has been my postings of Pericle Giovannetti’s Max drawings, so I thought I’d put up another ‘story’ from ‘The Penguin Max’. Prepare for another week of slow-motion slapstick, hamster-style, this time concerning the perils of carpentry.


dave said...

have you sent any copies off to places for review at all? Could be a good way to garner interest... I'm sure you could also get any of your previous 'puntoons' published in mags somewhere... just have to find the right one! Literary mags like the New Yorker etc...
I say send out as many as you can afford for review on book sites, send copies to publishers who might like to pick it up in the future, that sort of thing.
Or even send a couple to some place as a give away competition- you could give away a copy to the person who comes up with the best title, for example. Must be buckets of places in the UK you can do that.
just thought I'd throw in my ideas to the mix.
Don't want your selling out to come to nought!

nonstickplans said...

Thanks very much for your suggestions and encouragement, Dave. The Birdies was really a scouting expedition, and a more substantial, unthemed, book will follow soon, with a proper spine and everything. But I have ordered a batch of copies to put out into the non-digital (real?) world and see what happens. If only I'd listened when they tried to teach me marketing.