Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Another weird object from
back the way I came.

What’s it all about?
Who knows, but I obviously
thought it was interesting
enough to draw up – and
now I’m finding it interesting
enough to put on my blog.

Or have I just run out of
old stuff to post?

No - more old stuff
to come!


Michael said...

It's great to see the subtle humor and brilliant concepts from your earlier days...

nonstickplans said...

Where, where?!

Thanks for the comment, Mike. I hope I'm not giving the wrong impression with this college stuff. These bits and pieces are picked out of piles of unsubtle, unfunny garbage - which I may start posting, if I get desperate. I have trouble throwing things away.
A tutor once told me I was like a chimpanzee - you give it a paintbrush and paper, then snatch it away before it goes too far and messes it up. Learning what's good is the hardest thing. I've come to judge things by whether they're interesting or not, because I still don't know what 'good' is. 'Interesting', of course, depends on the person, not on some rule.