Thursday, 19 March 2009

Off the shelf: Me 3

Not knowing what you’re doing is often a very interesting state to be in, but it’s a bit tricky when you’re a month away from a degree show and you’re trying to produce a book of cartoons about Pavlov and his Famous Experiments on Conditioned Reflexes.
One important consideration in such a book would be narrative structure, but ‘narrative’ turned out to be too strong a word to describe the result. In the end the book consisted of randomly-arrived-at ideas hurriedly cobbled together and grouped into four sections: Before the Famous Experiments; The Famous Experiments; Time Off from the Famous Experiments; After the Famous Experiments.
This drawing comes from the second section (obviously). I remember being quite pleased with it because of its energy and ‘dogginess.’ It got a page to itself. Nowadays I'd carefully redraw the life out of it.


Michael said...

It's great to see your early work and the story behind some of the pieces.

I know the feeling of "randomly-arrived-at" ideas.

You have inspired me to possibly-maybily posting my final college illustration project.

nonstickplans said...

Thanks, Mike. Looking forward to seeing it (possibly-maybily).