Sunday, 8 March 2009


Having got the bug for posting ancient artefacts I’ve been digging into deeper archaeological layers of mud in my cupboards. It’s amazing what you can find down there. Here’s a page of cartoon-like accretions, which I didn’t realise had survived the ravages of time and limited storage space. Who knows how old I was when I drew these - my teenage years were fairly gruesome so I’m assuming it was before then - maybe 11 or 12. The first one, Long time no sea, is a copy of a joke I'd discovered in a comic called Whizzer and Chips and was very impressed with at the time. The others are typical boy’s humour, ie. not remotely funny.


Anonymous said...

after reading all that nasty stuff about Myerson and her son this morning I decided I would be terrified to bring out anything from teenage years! recollection is a funny thing. so be careful what you dug out form your ancient cupboard my friend..are you sure you were only 11 or 12..I think you're more fun now;-)

nonstickplans said...

Maybe you're right there, anonymous. Perhaps this one should have stayed underground.
But this stuff has been cluttering up my ancient cupboard for decades. I only kept it so I could post it here.