Sunday, 5 July 2009

Lobster pot

This idea is from a half-thought-out series I half-think about now and then called ‘Flauna’ – half fauna, half flora, only, in this case, half pot too.
It's got nothing to do with Eastbourne.


dave Follett said...

another blooming crays.
add in salt to urnjury.
lobsterra ferna.
urnamental ge-cray-niums.
pretty as a pincher.
"he pinced my vase!"
claws for concern
a bisquey little urner.

some of these are terrible.

nonstickplans said...

The more terrible the better, Dave. My pun-making capacity seems to be ailing at the moment - everything has gone single entendre (out of practice after all that Eastbourne rubbish probably). I am therefore grateful for your valiant efforts.

dave Follett said...

I do a naughty comic for a mens mag. It's chockas full of single entendres. Love the visual punography you give in your pics. Not often found in today's world.

reminds me of a bad joke entirely void of visuals:
a newspaper runs a pun competition and a local gent submits 10 puns hoping at least one would make the grade. Unfortunately, no pun in ten did.