Monday, 27 July 2009

Sweet nothings: Spain

It had to happen eventually – I’m going to post a few scans of my sugar wrapper collection! (If you thought other parts of this blog were boring this lot will definitely finish you off).
I started collecting when I was about 10 or 11 the year we went to the Costa Brava in Spain. I brought home all sorts of ephemera (junk), but it was the sugar wrappers that I kept and started to add to whenever we went anywhere. Eventually, once friends and family knew about it, people who also went anywhere brought back some wrappers. I can’t claim that I was an obsessive collector and never turned into a ‘sucrologist’. Having amassed about 300 I happened to see an episode of 'Blue Peter' in which there was a collector who had thousands of the damn things, so I pretty much gave up after that. I also gave up having sugar in my tea, which didn’t help. Consequently most of the ones I’ve got are from the ‘70s and ‘80s, though a few still trickle in occasionally.
To start with here are a couple of packets with cartoons on from that Spanish trip. We stayed in a place called Playa de aro (or Platja d'Aro) on a campsite that was entirely for English tourists and only served English food, i.e. chips. My abiding memories include a firework display that set light to several tents, and a torrential thunderstorm one night, which created a river outside our tent.
Like a lot of sugar wrappers, especially old ones, these are particularly badly printed. Don’t ask me what they’re about – GoogleTranslate was no help at all. On the reverse of both is a red and yellow striped shield. No doubt they were part of a vast series but I only got these two - not a good start.

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