Saturday, 4 July 2009

Seaside attempt 143

I lied yesterday - here’s yet another post about Eastbourne. It’s a British Railways poster with the bandstand and pier on it as they would have appeared in their heyday (I can’t find out the date – somebody might be able to tell from the cars), though possibly a little less stylized. It was painted by Ronald Lampitt, about whom I can also find out very little. Here’s a link to pages from a book he illustrated in 1948 called ‘The Map that Came to Life.’
This is definitely the last one from Eastbourne. Honest.


hungrydog said...

Looks like 1930s to me, but could be forties. They are still running the same train service...

nonstickplans said...

Whatever decade it was it must have been in the Summer.

If the trains ran on time it would save alot of electricity, wouldn't it?

dave Follett said...

what a fantastic illustration.