Friday, 3 July 2009

Seaside attempt 28

To finish off this lacklustre, and seemingly endless, series from Eastbourne here’s a postcard view of the pier with added boys-playing-football-on-the-beach (I didn’t add them myself – they were there when I took the photo).
This was taken in the evening and is quite a long picture because it’s quite a long pier, though not as long as it might have been if it wasn’t for the foreshortening effect of perspective (luckily, as I’ve only got a small camera).
Before I cropped the photo there was considerably more sky, but if you go to Eastbourne you’ll discover that there’s plenty of sky still there; in fact there seems to be more sky than anything else. The rest of it looked pretty much the same as the bit in the photo.
As you can probably tell I haven’t really got anything to say about this picture, but cropping too much sky is simpler than cropping too many words. Please come back tomorrow - you never know, it might be more interesting.
No promises.

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