Thursday, 16 July 2009

Part of the furniture

This is another one from my useless 'Withdrawings' series (here's the first one). I was going to redraw it as it's not very good (or interesting), but I find myself with no nothing else to post.
So here it be.


dave Follett said...

legless under the table.

...that's all I've got.

nonstickplans said...

I know the feeling.

dave Follett said...

I've got a challenge for you (should you choose to accept it, mr)- to illustrate these ones:
won for the road
generation gap
push in boots.

Out of interest- I'd like to know your process for idea generation- do you come up with the image first and caption second? Or the other way round?
You can answer in rebus form if you'd prefer..

nonstickplans said...

There are two rules on this blog, Dave. No 'professional' work (except rejects) and no requests. I prefer this to be a place where I can let my mind and pen wander where it wants, rather than where someone else wants. Sorry about that.

As for idea generation, it mostly starts with the image - but not always! There are NO rules on that.

I did think about discussing idea generation on Non-stick, but everybody is doing that and I don't have anything new to add (or subtract).

I hope this reply has been useful.

dave Follett said...

Cheers, mr!
Sorry to overstep that request boundary there.
Loving the lear stuff, too! His cockatoo is fantastic! I had no idea he did that stuff!
warrants further attention methinks...

nonstickplans said...

No worries, mate.

As always with these things, Lear's studies are more lively than the finished prints (which you can find online here:

with some better biographical information than I've provided).
I can't find his sketches anywhere, but the prints are worth looking at anyway.