Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The brush off

This was an American model whose name was… no, it’s gone. It was the last painting I did before the group was broken up and we were all ejected from the building.

Out of a class of fifteen eight are now alcoholics, three are on remand for armed robbery, one entered Britain’s Got Talent and was booed off before lifting her paintbrush, and two became conceptual artists. I myself am now destitute and people point at me in the street and laugh at the fool who thought he could learn to paint, one evening a week. Let this tragedy serve as a warning to you all.

(Conceptual artists! - the shame!!)


Julie Oakley said...

I think you are way too modest about your painting skills. There are people with far less ability than you who make a good living from their paintings. I've enjoyed seeing this other side to you

nonstickplans said...

Thank you, Julie. I did enter a few of these into shows, but never got them past the door.
You're right about it being another side of me. The process of painting is so different from cartooning: I used to find it difficult to rediscover my cartoonist side after an evening's painting. I never found a way of reconciling the two sides.
In the end I'm more interested in what things mean than what they look like (unless what they look like affects their meaning).