Saturday, 11 April 2009

Grandma's postcards 6: Tom B. 1

Tom B. was Tom Browne, R.I., R.B.A. There's a potted biography of him here, including the fact that he died when he was 39 years old. This card, with the caption ‘Come along, Pa,’ was published by Davidson Bros. It’s from series 2500.

It was sent by Daisy on 21st July 1904, postmarked Tottenham, North London. It says on the front, ‘I hope you will like this for your collection.’ My grandmother lived in Tottenham too, at 101 Napier Road, which still exists (see it on Streetview - pretend you’re nonchalantly walking by, but don’t stare in the windows). The card must have had a short journey through the post; Daisy could have delivered it herself. That's teenagers for you.

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