Saturday, 4 April 2009

Off the shelf: Walter Crane 4

After numerous incidents involving boys falling off horses, girls spilling ink on dresses and dogs breaking plates full of mince, an eerie calm descends on the World of the Second Primer. This has given Jack time to put his best kilt on, though there’s still the possibility of getting jam on it (according to the giant housekeeper Fanny). There’s also the frightening prospect of an accident with the stilts, but they aren’t mentioned again. Instead, Snap the dog wallows in some mud and jumps on Nan’s dress, a bridge collapses seconds before the boys try to cross it on the horse Dobbin, and the girls have to run away from a charging bull. An average day.
In the top right hand corner is a pale stamp which, when put into extreme contrast in Photoshop, reveals the legend: ‘Edmonton, Silver Street Infants School.’ Sometime in the early 1900s that very school in North London is where my paternal Grandmother had her first teaching job. By the miracle that is Google Streetview, and if the link works, and if you can be bothered, you can see that very school here.
In spite of the fact that my grandmother lived in our house for a while when I was young I remember very little about her, except the way her glasses moved up when she smiled, and she once got bitten by our dog. Rumour has it that she taught me to read before I went to school, but I remember very little about it.
Another inheritance from her was a box of old postcards, a few of which I may post next (on the blog, not at the Post Office).

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