Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Off the shelf: Ungerer 5

I did say I’d write more about Ungerer in later posts, and this is a later post so here’s some more writing about Ungerer (it might be accurate or it might not – at least it’s spelled correctly (I hope)):

Tomi Ungerer was born in Strasbourg in 1931 and brought up in a small village in Alsace after his father died. There the family endured four years under Nazi occupation and three months with the fighting on their doorstep. After the war he was expelled from school (his school records called him ‘perverse and subversive’) and later from the Ecole des Arts Decoratifs in Strasbourg. Eventually he emigrated to New York (in 1956) where he quickly established himself as a graphic artist and children's book author/illustrator. Later he moved to Nova Scotia, and now lives in Ireland. Ungerer is perhaps best known for his political posters. He was awarded the title ‘Moraliste Impitoyable’ (ruthless moralist) in 1983, and has won many other prizes for his children’s books. And that's that.

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