Monday, 13 April 2009

Grandma's postcards 8: T. Gilson

I can’t find out anything about T. Gilson – not even what the T stands for. He or she seems to have specialized in cute children, often with limited amounts of clothing. This card is another from the 1st World War and is postmarked Jersey, 7th July 1916. It’s from Alf. ‘Glad to hear you are now feeling quite safe,’ he writes. No mention of the weather.

This is probably the last of grandma’s postcards for a while, though there’s plenty more in the box.

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Anonymous said...

We have alarge collection of these postcards and have been trying to find out more about T Gilson since the late 1980s to no avail. We have found out that the publishers EJ Hey were destroyed in the 2nd world war and that he had his postcards printed by Salmon in Kent after that. Unfortunately wehave not been able to find out anything else hope tis helps,