Friday, 10 April 2009

Grandma's postcards 5: Bairnsfather 2

So Obvious
The Young and Talkative One: “Who made that ‘ole?”
The Fed-up One: “Mice.”

This card was also from Alice and was sent on 19th August 1916, only a week after the last one. This time she’s very pleased, having received a card. ‘Hope you are getting better weather than we are,’ she says.

This drawing also appeared in Volume 1 of ‘Fragments from France.’ There’s some more from that series here. Bairnsfather’s own account of his time in the 1st World War, called ‘Bullets and Billets,’ including some of his sketches and cartoons, can be found on Gutenberg.

We’re having delightful weather this morning, but it's a bit cloudy. Rain later.

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